Red Sox vs. Mariners Big Weekend Series

The Seattle Mariners have been on a very nice run and have managed to establish themselves as competition in the American League West. Whether or not they are more than just competition remains to be seen. This weekend series with the Boston Red Sox will tell the tale of the real Seattle Mariners. This series is a litmus test for real. Everyone-anyone, who follows the MLB knows that Boston is tearing it up this year and it can be argued, they are the best team in baseball. The Red Sox have established themselves as a great bet with the money line as well as against the run line. Picking your run line spots is the key to success. Online bookmakers usually have great “how to bet” sections that cover the various ways to win playing baseball. Take the time, check it out and hopefully win some money betting the Red Sox.

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The Red Sox come into Friday night’s contest having won four in a row which includes a 2-1 victory over Seattle with Price picking up the win and Hernandez falling to 6-6 on the season. Unbelievably for the Mariners, Felix may be the one Achilles heel for this clubs success. Hernandez has very clearly not been the same since an early season injury in 2017. Felix has been the ace on this club for a very long time and he has never been given the tools to win. How sad for Felix Hernandez! Had he played for nearly any other baseball club; he would have amassed well over 200 wins at this point in his career.

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This weekend series means an enormous amount to both baseball clubs but it has to mean more to the Mariners. Here is why: The Mariners are taking on the Red Sox on Friday night, Saturday and end the series on Sunday. On Monday, they travel to New York to begin a three game set with the Yankees—Tuesday-Thursday, then on Friday, they open up a three game set in Boston. So, they are facing a nine game stretch against the two best teams in baseball. The question is, which direction to go from a betting standpoint. This series may present the best opportunity to find and utilize a great handicapping service. Find a free one, there are a few great sites available and some of them offer a two or three month free trial. Using a handicapper can be well worth your time.

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Price picked up his 8th win of the season on Thursday evening and the Mariners will likely see Porcello, Wright and Rodriguez the rest of the way, while the Sox will be facing Paxton, LeBlanc and Leake. The Mariners have figured out their rotation, these guys are solid and they can hang with any rotation from around the league, but they must figure out what to do with Felix and they need one more starter. This club is close but probably not there yet. The Houston Astros will be breathing down their necks all season long and it won’t get any easier.

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This series may be the best to choose from this weekend. It’s a great one that promises to showcase some great young pitching from the Mariners and red hot bats from the Red Sox. This is a series worth tuning into and most definitely worth taking a look at the lines and odds. Call your favorite online wagering provider and don’t miss the opportunity to make some extra cash this weekend.

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