Offshore Bookies vs Brick and Mortar, What’s Better?

The ongoing debate never seems to end when it comes to bookies vs. sportsbooks. Of course, the local bookies want to keep your business and they find themselves in a position they have never been in before; sports gambling in the United States is legal!

Let’s clear the air: Sports gambling in the United States has never been legal outside of Nevada, however, that has all changed since the recent ruling from the Supreme Court that says gambling is now legal in all 50 states, and the states have the power to individually mandate and operate any sports gambling activities as they see fit. Think about this; online sports gambling has been around since the early 90’s and is now stronger and bigger than ever before and continues to grow by literally 10 fold, every year.


Off Shore Bookies – Crushed or Boosted by Legalized Sports Gambling?

The online sportsbooks have always had competition and they have always been thought of as somewhat taboo. They became even more taboo when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was passed. PAPSA or the “Bradley Act” as it’s known. This act completely shut down any hope of legalizing sports gambling outside of Nevada. Depending on which source is cited in the sports gambling debate, and which side one chooses to listen too; is exactly how many opinions have been formed as to where the “Bradley Act”, found traction. Many heavy hitters in the offshore gaming world have come out publicly and denounced the “Bradley Act” as nothing more than the “heavy hitters” from Nevada throwing their political weight around.

No matter what the case may be, there is one sure thing in all of this; there are no more “heavyweights” in Vegas. Those days are long over and now the competitive tables have turned on their ear. With the legalization of sports gambling, everybody and their best friends uncle wants in on the ground floor! Sports gambling represents a cash cow.


Pay Per Head Bookies and Legal US Sports Betting


The estimated global (gross gaming yield) comes in at a cool $450 billion! The United States is accountable for $74 billion of that total number. No matter how the numbers are sliced and diced; they are staggering!

What this tells us is one very important element in the ongoing debate as to what’s better and when the question is asked–(a walk in sportsbook that has tables and chairs as well as live wagering clerks or the ever faithful online bookie?) Oh, and forget about the local bookie down on the street corner or in the local watering hole. They will always exist, and they will always be small time in the grand scheme of $74 billion! Do they count for at least some of the numbers? Absolutely they do, but the ever perpetually asked question; how much money is spent with local bookies? That question can never be answered with any kind of accuracy. Just as the $74 billion dollar number is more than likely, extremely low. There is not one single agency that has ever tried to wrangle the daunting task of keeping track of “illegal” gambling numbers.

What this all really means is the $74 billion number is way off the beaten path and that sports gamblers from the United States are the ones that make up a very large chunk of the $450 billion that is being spent annually, by means of the online sportsbook.


Offshore Sportsbooks vs. Sports Betting in the US

Yes, sports gambling is now legal in the United States but the better way of looking at this is that sports gambling is no longer illegal at the federal level. There are no more than two or three states that have made any kind of move to open the doors to sportsbooks. So, the beat goes on! Weekend gamblers continue to fly to Las Vegas and have fun for a couple of day and the sharp players that make money betting on sports, they are sticking to what they know and what’s available to them; online sportsbooks.

What’s better for the serious sports gambler, online or the brick and mortar sportsbook? In the grand debate, there really is no debate! The sharp players and even the players from Kansas are still going to the well and dialing up their favorite online sportsbook. Not only is this what they know, it’s what works. The online bookies have better lines and odds on a consistent basis and even if a gambler was sitting in one of the superbooks on the Las Vegas strip, how could they possibly run from casino to casino looking for better vig? It’s not possible.


Shopping for the Best NFL Lines at online sportsbooks

Old school sports gamblers from Las Vegas have used the online bookies since their inception in the 90’s. Having many sportsbooks is the key to staying sharp and not only saving money when it comes to juice but allowing themselves to hedge when needed and to run the competition against each other when appropriate.

It’s always fun to feel the betting action of a sportsbook crowd and during a big game, it’s the next best thing to actually being at the game, live in person. At the end of the day, the online bookies will always have the upper hand for one reason. INCOGNIOTO! Peace and quiet along with privacy means everything. Better numbers, better lines, odds and the ability to have 30 sportsbooks at the touch of a finger.

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