NBA Single Game Player Props Betting Guide

Betting on the NBA is becoming more popular worldwide, one of the fastest growing NBA betting markets is single game player props bet. They’re a great way to have action on a game without needing to predict the winner of a game.

Examples of NBA Player Prop Bets (Single Game)

Here are a few examples of NBA player prop bets you’ll come across at online bookies:

  • James Harden Over/Under 30.5 Points
  • Kyle Lowry Over/Under 5.5 Assists
  • Andre Drummond Over/Under 9.5 Rebounds
  • DeAndre Jordan Over/Under 1.5 Blocks

The examples above are over/under single game props for a player. If you expect Harden to score 31+ points then you would bet over, if you think he scores <30 points, bet the under.

There are also single game match-up prop bets. Here’s an example:

James (PTS, REB, AST) +3.5 vs. Antetokounmpo (PTS, REB, AST) -3.5

In the prop above, Giannis is a –3.5 point favorite against James. With this prop bet, the total points, rebounds and assists are added up to determine the winner. If the Greek Freak has 4+ more points (points + rebounds + assists) than James in the game then you’d win if you backed him.

Tips for Betting on NBA Player Props

A lot of NBA fans prefer betting on player props. There have been a lot of daily fantasy NBA guys who have utilized their knowledge of individual players to bet on these props at bookies.

You’ll be making NBA pro picks in no time utilizing these prop betting tips:

Utilize the Data

Today, handicappers have so much data at their fingertips. When handicapping NBA player prop bets, you need to look at the numbers. I like to look at the head-to-head data from the current season and I also look at the stats for the last 10 games for both teams.

Study Match-Ups

Would you bet on a center to go over 10.5 rebounds against Rudy Gobert? Would you bet on a PG to dominate in a game when he’s being defended by Patrick Beverley? You need to study match-ups and pick your spots wisely. There are 100s of props, you only need one winner.

Follow the News

For the latest breaking news in the NBA, I recommend Scores and Stats (SAS). They will ensure you’re up to date on the night’s NBA action. You need to know what the starting line-ups look like and whether there are any injuries/suspensions to worry about.

Look for Value

In match-up markets, the line will often be shaded towards the bigger name, as that player will take in more of the public action. Don’t go off name recognition alone when betting on these types of props. Always revert to the data and don’t be scared betting on the underdog.

With point spreads and totals in the NBA being so sharp, it’s never a bad idea to consider alternative markets such as single game player props. The betting limits are lower, but if you’re trying to get down big money on a prop your best bet is to use multiple NBA sportsbooks.

Not only are NBA player props a great way to pad your bankroll, but they’re fun.

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