Know the Rules at Your Online Sportsbook

Chances are that if love to bet on sports that you already have an established relationship and online betting account with one or more offshore sportsbooks taking action on the Internet. Even if your experience to date with these online betting sites has been positive with no issues, questions or concerns, you should still take the time to thoroughly review each site’s particular rules as normally posted in a special section on each book’s website.

Some of the general rules will cover the basics such as one betting account per household or IP address, minimum wagers either by a toll-free phone number or online through a personal computer or handheld mobile device with Internet access and required information to access your betting account. They can also cover things such as verifying account balances before any new wagers are placed. This protects you as a sports bettor and the online betting site as the booking agent. Most of today’s top online sportsbooks have a digital recording system in place that archives every bet that is placed. These archived records can then be used to resolve any disputes. Keep in mind that any wager confirmations either by phone or online are the sole responsibility of you as the sports bettor.

Other important aspects of the general rules for sports bets cover areas such as any delays or postponement of games. Most books will declare “no action” on any bet placed on a game that is postponed, rescheduled or moved to an alternative venue. When it comes to the rules posted for ‘overtime’ in any contest, any additional scoring is counted in the final score unless otherwise noted. Second half wagers will include any overtime results; however any quarter wagers only pertain to that specific unit of play.

Most books will not disclose any net winnings or losses and they leave it up to the individual bettor when it comes to any such declarations for tax purposes. There is a very high level of discretion when it comes to online sportsbooks and no individual information will ever be released or used for publicity purposes without prior consent. Any agreement between the sports bettor and the online betting outlet can be terminated by either party at any time. Other general rules cover rollover requirements concerning withdrawal requests, maximum winnings within a 24 hour period, charged fees for early withdrawal requests and general language covering the book’s liability for erroneous information caused by either technical or human error. These types of rules tend to read like a legal document, but it is still very important that you understand what they mean.

Some of the more specific rules posted when it comes to actually betting on the games pertain to any bonus offer or promotions that may be offered as an incentive to open a new account or to reward loyal play. Once again, these rules tend to be filled with quite a bit of legal jargon and they are written to protect the house far more than the player. You should always be well aware of any requirements for bonuses and other incentives before you agree to participate.

This also applies to rules for how you can actually use any ‘free play’ bonus you may receive. Many times they can only be used for certain sports and certain types of wagers. Most books have very specific rollover requirements tied into the use of free play bets, so be sure to pay added attention to this section of the rules page.

Another detailed section of this page is dedicated to the specific rules pertaining to any payout requests. This is probably the most important section of the whole page since anyone who wins wants to get paid. These too can be rather cumbersome to read, but you will definitely want to be up to speed when it comes to finding the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get your money.

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