Difference Between Betting Online and in Las Vegas

This isn’t how your father used to bet. No, today’s sports betting experience is much different than the old trip to the Las Vegas bookie. Today we will answer a FAQ we get, what is the difference between betting online and in Las Vegas?

Most bettors are placing wagers online as compared to in person at Vegas sportsbooks. There are plenty of reasons why.


More Options

The first online sportsbook was created back in 1996. Since then, the market has exploded with the popularity of sports betting creating a multibillion dollar industry.

Competition has forced these online sportsbooks to give customers what they want. What bettors want is options. At a given online sportsbook, you will have the ability to wager on everything from the NFL, NBA, and college football to badminton and table tennis.

Even though Vegas sportsbooks offer options as well, they don’t come close to what you’ll see offshore.

In addition, bettors will find a multitude of different bets. There are all sorts of specials like quarters and halves in the NFL market, for example. Live betting is another popular online trend. Bettors can also choose from parlays, teasers, and many more.


Line Shopping: Huge Difference Between Online and Vegas Betting

A huge advantage in favor of betting online is the ability to shop for the best lines for games and matches. It’s like Christmas shopping online.

You want to find the best deal on that new Ninja blender for your wife? First, you visit Amazon. Then, you check out another online retailer like Sam’s Club or Target.

When you find the best value, you buy it. It’s the same with the online betting experience. You search for the best value from the best online sportsbooks.

You can’t do that in Vegas. You can run all over the city to the different sportsbooks looking for the best lines just like those old Black Friday trips you used to make. Or, you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

Line shopping is the easiest way to increase your winning percentage, and is a major contributing factor to the difference between betting online and in Las Vegas.

If you don’t know … now you know … line shopping is the best betting strategy.

Ease of Use

Remember the Staples “Easy” button? Online betting is easy. From setting up an account to placing bets, the processes are simple and take very little time.

You can set up an account at any of the huge number of online sportsbooks in a matter of minutes. After establishing your account, you will have to fund it in order to place bets. With today’s safe and secure technology, funding an account takes minutes.

With money in your betting account, you’re ready to start placing wagers. That process is pretty easy too.

You don’t have to stand in line to wait to place your bet as you do in Vegas. You also don’t have to hold onto your betting ticket to show it when you cash out. When you win your online bet, the funds are deposited into your account.

Why Bet Online

Unless you live in or near Las Vegas, betting at Vegas sportsbooks on a regular basis is going to be pretty difficult. While in Vegas, the experience of placing a bet at a local sportsbook is something that should be enjoyed at least once.

For the consistent bettor though, nothing beats online betting. You will find better lines and more options at online sportsbooks. You’ll have access to your sportsbooks from anywhere as you can place bets via your mobile device.

Being able to access your accounts from anywhere also means you can cash out from anywhere. The convenience of betting online simply outweighs the experience of placing bets at a Vegas sportsbook.

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