Control Your Own Betting Lines with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Control is the name of the game as a Las Vegas Bookie and with a brand new season of football right around the corner now is the time to make sure that you have everything you need from your Pay Per Head site to keep your business way out in front of all the daily betting action coming in.

Most of today’s top pay per head service offer a comprehensive sportsbook management software solutions package as part of the low, weekly per head fee they charge for just your active betting customers. All of these valuable online business tools are designed to help you successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook while also helping you level the playing field with the big sportsbooks operating online.

One of the most important aspects of any Bookie Pay Per Head site is fast and easy access to all the betting lines you need, when you need them. Whether they use in-house oddsmakers or have a working relationship with some of the top Las Vegas Sportsbooks in the Internet sports betting industry, you need a PPH service that can get you betting lines both fast and razor sharp. You also need the ability to quickly move your own lines or to change the offerings on
your betting board at no extra cost other than the per head fees you are already paying for that active customer base.

Having the ability to make mass edits at your fingertips is one of the most important tools in the box when it comes to establishing that high level of control that will make you successful as a private bookie. Once the football games start counting for real in the standings whether it is the NFL or at the college ranks, you need to be able to quickly react if one side or the other is starting to get loaded down with some heavy action.

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Line movements are a huge part of online sports betting for your customers as they try and hedge their position in a particular game. Yhey can also become a very important way to limit excessive negative exposure on your end while also putting your bookie business in position to yield a healthy increase in bottom-line profits. Moving a betting line on a big game is one way to try and balance out the action on both sides of a bet, but it is also a great way to sway your betting customers one way or the other. Betting on sports revolves more around perception that it does reality. Controlling your own betting lines to create the illusion that the favorite is a lock to cover, while also hedging your own belief that the underdog is a cannot miss bet is as big a part of being a bookie as collecting your profit on the losses and paying out the winners.

Pay Per Head “Adjust the Juice” Options – Real Bookies Software

Another important element of control when it comes to being successful as an independent sports bookmaker is the ability to control costs. With the right Pay Per Head site in place, you should have everything you need at one, fixed weekly cost that will only go up or down based on how many active betting customers you currently have. By nature, the football season is a weekly betting event that starts in early September and runs right through the Super Bowl in early February. This is your prime time of the year to make money so make the most of the opportunity with the help of the sports betting experts at your PPH service of choice.

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