Betting NHL Underdogs

Betting NHL underdogs is very appealing. NHL games are competitive, and anything can happen throughout a contest.

When betting an NHL underdog, you’ll usually receive positive moneyline odds. Underdogs are the road team the majority of the time, even if the visitor has a better record.

If you frequently bet NHL underdogs, you’ll yield some massive payouts. Here are my tips for betting NHL underdogs.


Betting NHL Underdogs – Never Bet a Home Underdog

Home underdogs in the NHL are few and far between. If a home team is an underdog, stay away from betting this choice. This doesn’t mean that they won’t win, but oddsmakers believe the team is extremely outmatched.

If a home team is an underdog, they’re probably experiencing some adversity. This could include some major injuries or turmoil within the team.

You’ll always find more value betting road underdogs than home dogs. Betting home underdogs will end up hurting you in the long run based on the sport’s analytics.

Don’t Always Bet Underdogs

Obviously, underdogs have more betting value than favorites. Positive odds yield more winnings than negative odds on the same wager amount.

Don’t just bet an underdog because you’re hopeful that you’ll win more money, though. You must do your research to make an educated pick.

There are benefits to betting home favorites in the NHL. Hockey lines are often competitive, so an NHL favorite could win you a lot of money.

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Identify Teams that Play Well on the Road

Since NHL road teams are typically underdogs, you must identify who plays well on their opponent’s ice. It’s critical that you always look at road records before placing a bet. Good teams that play well on the road could end up winning you a ton of money.

Don’t take advanced analytics for granted. Put in the extra work and always check away records when betting NHL underdogs.

Find Good Home Teams that are on a Losing Streak

Good teams that are on their home ice are normally heavy favorites. This doesn’t fluctuate much, even if the team is on a losing streak.

You should look for these streaks and bet against them on underdog opponents. This is a way to steal great odds.

Momentum plays a big role in the game of hockey. Losing streaks can cause a team to continue struggling. Make sure you’re using multiple sportsbooks to shop for betting lines. Getting a point here and there, or a better moneyline on your dog can increase your profit 10-fold.

This creates a high chance for an underdog to sneak a victory. If you find losing streaks, you’ll raise your winning percentage when betting NHL underdogs. 

Bet Multiple NHL Underdogs Per Night to Hedge Bets

Underdogs in the NHL aren’t always the weaker team. This makes it unlikely that multiple underdogs will lose in a single night.

If you take several underdogs in one night, you don’t have to go 100% to make a profit. If you have trouble finding winning underdogs, maybe you should consider buying premium picks. A service like Action Sports Picks offers great picks at great prices.

If you bet one underdog and two favorites, it’s tough to break even if you don’t go 100%. If you bet three underdogs and one of the bets hits, chances are that you’ll be making a profit. This is because of the way NHL odds work. Take a look at how betting lines are created.

If you take these tips into account, you’ll be making a lot of money on NHL underdogs this season.

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